Our Ministries

The Academy

The Academy is a department that promotes spiritual growth and knowledge of the bible.  Through effective instructional formal and informal courses of study, it offers “Sunday School” classes for our Children, Teens, Young Adults and Adults.

Audio Department

The Audio department of SMRC is responsible for having quality sound at all events in and pertaining to SMRC.  Inclusive of Audio’s responsibilities is the recording of all sermons and weekly bible studies through audio recording, which are available for purchase.  The department also provides sound for the radio broadcast, all services, and special events such as Convocation, Campmeeting, weddings, and special events.

Children’s Church

The Children’s Church is responsible for the spiritual growth and edification of all children ages 2 to 11.  This is accomplished through weekly Children’s church services and special events that showcase our children.  The Children’s Department staff does not teach them to imitate adults, but rather the principles and the importance of living a holy and sanctified life by accepting Jesus at an early age.

Evangelism Department

The Evangelism Department is a very vital department within the ministry.  Their responsibility is to witness to those who may not attend regular church services.  It is their job to spread the word through street, jail & school ministry, hospitals and convalescent homes, and any place where they can be an effective witness.

Education Department

The Education Department of SMRC promotes and motivates students from kindergarten to college.  The Education Department provides tutoring, assistance with receiving GED, financial support, and educational counseling by giving helpful advice on all aspects of obtaining a quality education.

Fine Arts Department

This department is responsible for the musical advancement of the ministry.  The Fine Arts Department encompasses both Creative Arts and Music Ministry.  Fine Arts is comprised of:

SMRC Praise and Worship

SMRC Mass Choir

A.V.I.D. Praise Dance

Joyful Praise Dance

Sunbeams Praise Dance

Hospitality Department

The Job of SMRC’s Hospitality Department is to make sure that everyone feels warmly welcomed at Summerville Miracle whether you are a member or visitor.  Hospitality greets you every week as you visit Sunday & special services, records all information for new members, and any other member or visitor services to ensure a pleasant and harmonious atmosphere at Summerville Miracle.

Mother’s Board

The bible instructs the “older women to teach the young women in the things of the Lord”.  Our church mothers are precious, having a wealth of knowledge.  The Mother’s Board is in constant prayer for our church and leadership.  They are holy women and teach our ladies to be better wives, mothers and women by example.

Usher Board Department

The responsibility of the Usher is to greet everyone with a pleasant smile, maintain crowd control, and to assist in the receiving of the tithes and offerings.  This department also monitors the corridor and restrooms.  The Usher Board also distributes bulletins and visitor cards.

Youth Department

The SMRC Youth Department is responsible for all youth between the ages of 12 to 17. To ensure that we lose none of our youth to the wiles of society, the SMRC Youth Department plans activities for the young people to keep them active in the church while teaching them Christian values. The Your Department conducts Youth Revivals, Annual Spelling Bees, Annual Bible Bowl Tournaments, workshops and a host of other services.

Young Adult Department

The SWIFT (Serving God With Integrity Faith and Trust) Young Adult Department, led by the Holy Spirit, seeks to provide spiritual nourishment, inspiration and guidance to adults ages 18 to 35. The ministry, which includes those that are single, married, widowed, divorced and with or without children, encourages proper spiritual and moral principles to empower Christians to live as disciples of Jesus Christ.  Young Adult Department of SMRC seeks to provide spiritual and social outreach to men and women. We wish to promote moral and spiritual structure in order to empower our lives as disciples of Jesus Christ. We embrace young adults in our church and communities, addressing their needs and issues through evangelism, Christian fellowship, and supporting the growth of the body of Christ.

Missionary Department

The purpose of the Missionary Department is to worship God in a joyful fellowship, to impact the community with needed and caring service and to invite all people into a savings relationship with Jesus Christ as together we prepare for the second event and an exciting eternity with our blessed Lord and Savior.  The Missionary Worker must be taught, how best to help the poor and to care for the sick and to work for the unconverted.  The true Missionary is personally concerned, has a deep love for people, is greatly concerned about their needs, not only physical and material, but their soul’s salvation and spiritual health as well.